The Birdhouse (The Amish of Jamesport #3) [ePub]

by Laura V. Hilton

The Birdhouse

Twenty-year old Greta Miller’s daed has been injured in a farming accident during the summer. The supportive Amish community is helping out, but Gretta and her siblings must still work outside the home to make ends meet. They rent a booth at the Amish Market. Because Greta is still in her rumspringa and free to explore the world, her family selects her to sell her homemade jams, jellies, and preserves to Englischers for Christmas gifts. While working at the Amish market, she renews her acquaintance with Amish man Josh Yoder who crafts birdhouses for sale at the Amish Market. Josh arranges for her to ride with his Englisch neighbor, Stan Harris, both to shelter her from the winter weather and to help transport her goods. Greta is attracted to the kind, considerate Josh, but wary, due to their past history.Stan also intrigues her with his free-spirited attitude and ability to seemingly do whatever he wants.

Josh wants to court Greta, but years ago, he made the mistake of rejecting her during a seemingly innocent game. Now she wants nothing to do with him. She’s polite, but nothing more. Josh feels like an outcast, since he’s offended so many during his rumspringa and then left the area for awhile. He’s struggling to fit in and rebuild relationships he’s destroyed.

An unexpected turn of events turns everything topsy-turvy. What will it take to bring wandering ones home to the community to roost?



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