Society at War [ePub]

by Matt Mason

'Society at War' explores the relationship between the individual and society in shaping personal identity. Many factors, including politics, religion, family, medicine and social culture are at odds with the needs of the individual, which leads both to subtle schisms of interest and open conflict, in both local and global terms.

We take identity for granted. We choose the make and color of the cars we drive, the style of the houses we live in but, for the most part, we remain satisfied with the self image and set of behavioral parameters that the random events and actions of life have dealt out to us yet we can be much much more, and are quite capable of living in vastly greater harmony.

Some aspects of human identity are substantially unchangeable but understanding and optimizing the rest is a large part of the difference between success and failure in life's challenges. Ongoing distress, conflict and emotional injury keep us prisoner until the knots are untangled and we have the chance to set ourselves free. The fundamental premise in this search is that identity integrity is a function of clear inner dialogue.

Zetetics is a crucial part of that path. It's a clear and straightforward philosophy based on the idea that we should proceed by enquiry in the course of our daily lives. The idea is to ask questions systematically and come up with alternative answers until you can choose from a reasonably generous set. Good decisions make a good life.

While 'Society at War' is not a comprehensive exploration of zetetics,so much as an exploration of the main stumbling blocks that lead to a fractured identity, zetetics is a crucial concept and has been recast into a modern framework to provide a better means of understanding the pertinent issues.

The power of Zetetics is demonstrated by solving the old 'number of the beast' mystery and by exploring the mistranslation of the ancient Hebrew word 'anav' into 'meek, which has led to many mistaken presumptions about behaviour.

Along the way, other contentious matters are raised. They include clarifying the rightful place of ego, techniques for the achievement of personal goals, perceiving the importance of listening to emotions without necessarily reacting emotionally, maximizing the potential of children by not stifling their early idiosyncratic behaviour and understanding the relationship between Eve's apple, the Number of the Beast and the Chinese aphorism of the Tree, the River and the Mountain.



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