Lotto's Super-Awesome Unbelievable Park Adventure [ePub]

by Jan Ferrigan

Captures the fun of visiting national and state parks in a magical, heart-warming tale.

Eleven-year-old foster kid Lotto Lewis is gifted, but he wants to be cool and watch more TV. Lotto also wishes that his older brother Armond would stop giving up on himself and act like he used to when their mom was alive.

Life and luck changes for Lotto, Armond and their younger sister Riley when their only known long-lost relative invites the siblings to spend a summer solving a park challenge that involves traveling to seven different state and national parks. At each park, the siblings encounter a fantastical person, animal or geological formation that provides a scrambled word that is part of a message. To solve the secret message and grow together as a family, Lotto, Armond and Riley must overcome self-doubt, believe in magic, and stay one step ahead of a grumpy, silly, bad guy named Mr. Finklestink.



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