Clinician's Guide to Mind Over Mood [ePub]

by Christine A. Padesky

If you'd like to assign MIND OVER MOOD to your clients, but aren't sure about how to incorporate it into practice, you'll find the answers you need in CLINICIAN'S GUIDE TO MIND OVER MOOD. This essential companion guide will show you how to introduce MIND OVER MOOD to your clients, integrate it with your in-session therapy work, increase client compliance in completing home assignments, and overcome common difficulties that may arise. The authors clearly demonstrate how to use MIND OVER MOOD with individuals, couples, and groups, both in session and at home. Brief therapy and inpatient settings are also discussed in detail.

Step-by-step instructions are provided on how to tailor the program to follow cognitive therapy treatment protocols for a range of diagnoses, including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, panic disorder, substance abuse, and complex, multiple problems. Also outlined are ways to use MIND OVER MOOD to pinpoint the development of specific cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills.

The volume is richly illustrated with case examples and sample client-therapist dialogues in every chapter. Guidance is offered on how to review home exercises and worksheets in session and how to perform effective guided discovery. The authors also provide a detailed chapter on setting therapy goals. Creative ways for engaging clients who have negative reactions to a manual are described, as are strategies for maintaining collaboration with clients with personality disorders. Each chapter concludes with a "troubleshooting guide," which therapists can use to navigate impasses, and the book itself concludes with an informative chapter on therapist training and MIND OVER MOOD.



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