New Reality 2 [ePub]

by Michael Robertson

Nirvana. A city of opportunity and excess; where a person’s rights and freedoms are staunchly protected... unless you’re from the Estate.

Those from the estate live in abject poverty and are victimised by all of those around them for entertainment.

In Nirvana, having a child out of wedlock is a one way ticket to the Estate.

Marie has hidden her pregnancy from those around her where she works for the corporation contracted by justice department to watch criminals logged into New Reality. But something isn’t right about the way the Rixon Corporation is being run.

If Marie can uncover the corruption before the justice department does, keeping her mouth shut could be worth the cost of a marriage certificate.

But if she gets it wrong, not only will she end up having to raise a child on the Estate, but she’ll face the wrath of one of the most powerful corporations in all of Nirvana…



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