Ocriculum (Otricoli, Umbria) [ePub]

by Sophie Hay

The remarkable extent, state of preservation and monuments of Ocriculum make this one of the most important archaeological sites in ancient Italy. Located close to the river Tiber, north of Rome on the Via Flaminia, many travellers were drawn to Otricoli and its landscape, lured by its beauty. Significant monumental remains of the Roman town are still visible: the amphitheatre, the theatre, the forum area, basilica, baths and nymphaeum. Academic studies devoted to this important town are many, and this volume represents a further contribution to our understanding of the ancient town. Here are published the results of the urban survey in 2002 5. Field survey was coupled with a geophysical survey that has identified new features. This work adds greatly to our understanding of the ancient town and tells a different story to that usually told of Roman towns in terms of scale, layout and organization, as well as architectural and sculptural finds.



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