The World Unseen [ePub]

by Shamim Sarif

The World Unseen is a story of forbidden love in 1950s South Africa. Apartheid has just become the law of the land. Segregation is not only limited to blacks and whites, but also extends to coloreds and Indians.The ultimate goal for women is to be provided a good match for a husband, have children, keep house, and cook well. A successful wife is a subservient one.

The protagonist, Amina, wants a different life. She wants to dress in clothes in which she feels the most comfortable. She wants to own a business with a colored man. She wants to love whom she wants. And she does not care what anyone thinks of her.

Shamim Sarif has an engaging writing style and her depiction of setting and characterizations are exceptional.

The World Unseen is the kind of book for which you sit in your favorite chair, with your favorite beverage, and cozy up with it for a long afternoon.

This is one of the few books that I have read recently that I did not want to end.

I wish it had a sequel.



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