Minus Tide (Hidden Talents, #2) [ePub]

by Claire Cray

Second in the Hidden Talents Series:

Former murderous concubine and recovering heroin addict Sky is having a bad week. Bad boy telepath Jin is edging ever closer to his estranged younger brother, Ken — and no one seems to care! Worse yet the mysterious boy with the mismatched green eyes and impenetrable shields still hasn't forgiven Sky for their horrifying past, and the telepath seems to arouse his curiosity. The other Talents look on warily as the tension rises.

Meanwhile, Jin gets a shocking update regarding his leader's situation at KGA: Jackson has been made a member of the board, and now sits beside Wilhelm Strauss — the sadistic maniac whose ascent to power put Jin on the run in the first place! That puts a damper on his mood, but it's nothing a little murder, sex, and mayhem can't soothe. Lucky for him, Mark's looking for at least one of the same things.



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