Dancing in the Dark [ePub]

by Maureen Lee

Flo Clancy has just died and her great neice Millie Cameron is asked to sort out her flat.She is not looking forward to this but when she gets there and starts looking she finds lots of interesting things.

Millie does not know much about her aunt as she has not been spoken of within the family - there was a rift a long time ago.Millie's mother Kate, had only met her a couple of times as well.

They though Flo had lived a boring hum drum life but they were wrong.

I loved this story and I was happy that Millie uncoveredthe secrects of Flo's life but I was disppointed that she did not share those secrets with her mother or any others.

Flo's life would have been so different, I am sure, if Tommy O'Mara had not died so young or if her friend Belle had shared her story with her.It's hard to beleive that someone could be as unforgiving as Flo was to her sister Martha and that she carried it around her whole life.But at least Flo managed to have a life unlike Martha who seemed to have not had much of a life.

At the beginning of the book I did not think much of Millie either but I did get to like her in time and I felt so sorry for her mother Kate and her wasted life and that of Hugh O'Mara.



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