Ruth [ePub]

by Dorothy Johnston

Dorothy Johnston is the author of nine novels, including a quartet of detective novels set in Canberra. The first of these, The Trojan Dog, was joint winner ACT Book of the Year, and the Age gave it their ‘Best of 2000’ in the crime section. It was published in Australia by Wakefield Press and in the United States by St Martin’s Press. The second, The White Tower, was also published in Australia and North America, and the third, Eden, appeared in 2007. All three feature the cyber-sleuth Sandra Mahoney and her partner, Ivan Semyonov, along with Detective Sergeant Brook, of the ACT police. With Eden, Dorothy returned to the subject of prostitution, which has long interested her and provided inspiration. Her first novel, Tunnel Vision, is set in a Melbourne massage parlour. The House at Number 10 (Wakefield Press 2005) continues this theme. Two of her other literary novels, One for the Master and Ruth, have been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin award. She has had numerous short stories published in magazines and anthologies.



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