For the Love of Indiana [ePub]

by Natalie Vivien

It all started with a crazy, disaster-prone dog...

Bella Farley was in the market for a new girlfriend, but never thought an unexpected trip to the animal shelter would help her find the woman of her dreams, Comfort Allen, the attractive dog trainer with the odd name. Bella also never expected to adopt Indiana, the hyperactive border collie who has a terrible habit of destroying everything (that he can reach), but life's funny like that.

Follow along with the Chronicles of Indiana as two women fall in love, one disaster-prone dog gets into barrels of mischief, and romance, mishaps and fun happen to the best of us.

FOR THE LOVE OF INDIANA is the complete collection of the three "Chronicles of Indiana" novellas: "The Trouble with Indiana," "The Disaster of Indiana" and "The Search for Indiana." It is approximately 56,000 words long (the length of a novel, providing many hours or a few days of funny, romantic reading).



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