Divas of Damascus Road [ePub]

by Michelle Stimpson

The Rucker Women,
DIVAS OF DAMASCUS ROAD is a very good read about strong family values and bonds with passionate spiritual ties. As an avid reader, I am confident that others will associate with DIVAS OF DAMASCUS ROAD mainly due to the fact that every family, at the minimum, has one person in their family who has it all together and is stronger than the others as well as a dysfunctional side that you can't hide regardless how hard you try.

Fortunately, for The Rucker family lies the lines of prayer, strength and togetherness which creates an all together different story.

Aunt Toe is the Matriach of the Rucker family. It is her job to keep everyone in line.
Gwen has it all together. She is definitely the strong one with all the answers
Aunt Joyce Ann is in need of some serious help! No one is certain where to begin.
Regina has had a problem all along but, everyone has ignored it until it hits them in the face.
Yolanda is certain that she is the ONLY sane member of the Rucker family.
Dianne is aware that there is a problem with her. She just is not sure what she can do about it.

DIVAS OF DAMASCUS not only shows the power of prayer, but how we are able to overcome consistent trials and tribulations. Isn't it amazing how something so simple can spiral out of control and lead to much larger things?

I really enjoyed reading Michelle Stimpson's contribution to the literary world. In my opinion I didn't think the title fit, THE RUCKER WOMEN would've been a more appropriate one.

Reviewed by: Carmen



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