Dormant Curse [ePub]

by John Ellis

Based on current geopolitical upheavals and coming technological advancements, Dormant Curse is a cyberterrorism-conspiracy thriller that steers the reader through the twisted mind and actions of aChinese-cult leader hell-bent on pay-back. Dormant Curse is the mission; retribution for past atrocities, seizure of ever-scarce natural resources, and restoration of China to her former glory, are its goals. An overlooked security flaw in smartphone and tablet assembly allows the cult leader, a tormented victim of the Rape of Nanjing, to implant killer Trojan chips. Always-on and ever-present social networks provide the chip s activation path. Nothing is what it seems as strategic attacks manipulate the US public, mislead the press, and divert attention from the cult s true objectives all while forcing the US military to back down. Greg Cannon, a young engineer with the NTSB, uncovers the cyberterrorists attack method but an overzealous reporter exposes Greg s investigation before he can identify the source. Now alerted, the cult leader activates a sleeper assassin the seductive and psychotic, Shelly Chambers totake out Greg before he can avert Dormant Curse. It s an intense, high-stakes game as Greg, Shelly, and the cult are set on a collision course. Meanwhile, the Chinese, US, and Middle East governments are pulled into a momentous battle toward an unpredictable yet credible shift in global strata.



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