The Meaning of Meow [ePub]

by Arden Moore

The Meaning of Meow explains real kitty logic and teaches owners how to understand what their cat is thinking. For the first time ever, the cat experts at Meow Mix are sharing their years of expertise in the book The Meaning of Meow. The book addresses the many concerns of cat "parents" and includes vivid photographs, illustrations, and a 16-page full-color insert. The Meaning of Meow explains how?to create a cat-friendly home the needs of kittens how you can relate better to your purring little friend

Meow Mix is the fastest-growing premium dry cat food on the market with over 50 million units in sales per year. The Meaning of Meow will be the official "textbook" for Meow Mix's ACATEMY promotion that will target the 55 million cat owners in the country. It is a fast and comprehensive reference source, and the useful sidebar tips, many appearing as "suggestions" sent in from cats across the country, will keep the tone light and the information solid.



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