Jean Hugard's MAGIC MONTHLY VOL.1.10 march 1944 Digital Reissued (Old Magic Magazines HMM-1.10) [ePub]

by Jean Hugard

Jean Hugard ( 4 December 1872 - 14 August 1959 ) was an Australian professional magician.
Hugard's Magic Monthly (HMM) was a Magic newsletter that ran from Vol.1, No.1, June, 1943 to Vol.21, No.6 (No.6 had no date, but No.5 was January, 1964).
Hugard's Magic Monthly is packed with contributions from the finest artists and thinkers in Magic.
The subtitle says it all 'Devoted solely to the interests of Magic and magicians'. Jean Hugard and Fred Braue wrote some of the best and most read Magic Books in Magic history, such as The Royal Road to Card Magic and Expert Card Technique. A good part of Martin Gardner's Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic Tricks can be found in Hugard's Magic Monthly.
Hundreds and hundreds of wonderful magic tricks will be at your fingertips when you own the digital reissued Hugard's Magic Monthly.



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