The Girl Who Wanted Out (Wishing Star #2) [ePub]

by Bianca Bradbury

Bianca Bradbury lived in Connecticut, and as a young wife, her writing took the form of verse, articles and short stories, which found their way into such magazines as Family Circle and McCall’s. Once she had two children, she began writing, first picture books, and then longer books. Later, when her two sons had grown up and left home, Mrs. Bradbury’s fiction focused mostly on contemporary issues for young adults. Besides a love for animals, which is most evident in her books for younger readers, her novels reveal her deep interest in honestly dealing with the realities of life. She was never afraid of tackling controversial subjects, desiring to do so with integrity and hope.

Her sons recall the life-long discipline she exhibited in her writing craft and her happy zest for life, both important attributes in writers for the young. She wrote 46 books over a span of 40 years. Mrs. Bradbury died in 1982



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