The Art of Prayer [ePub]

by Timothy Jones

Millions of us pray every day. But that doesn't mean we feel particularly good at it. Often we wish for wise and gentle guidance in how to communicate our wants or express our thanks. We seek answers to the questions that nag at our attempts to approach God.- Can I pray when I feel distant from God?

- Is it okay to ask God for help in life's "little" things?

- What do I do when the words won't come?

- Can I get mad at God?

- What sense can I make of unanswered prayers?

- How do I keep growing closer to God?

The answers to such questions, Tim Jones tells us, are ultimately within everyone's reach. With warmth, clarity, and unfailing honesty, this guide shows how prayer can become more a quiet art than a complicated science. It can be as simple as conversing with a caring friend.



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