Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic [ePub]

by David B. Currie

In summary, this is the author's personal conversion story from Fundamentalism (i.e., Evangelicalism) to RC.His criticisms of Fundamentalism were moderate, but seemingly fair.This book is certainly not a scholarly theological treatise on the subject (nor does it claim to be), however, the author does bring up some serious problems with Fundamentalism in particular, and Protestantism in general, for which there may be good answers.

The one thing that I really appreciated about this book and what is good lesson for all who are in pursuit of truth is the accuracy of information and a charitable attitude by which to judge that information, especially when it comes to those with whom you disagree (To deliberately avoid to do either would, it seem, indicate a failure of intellectual and moral virtue).As a Protestant, I believed certain things about the Catholic Church.The more that I actually read Catholics themselves, including Catholic Theology and Philosophy, the more I see that many of my beliefs and perceptions about Catholic Doctrine were embarrassingly mistaken.Not to say that I think RC is right about Mary, Purgatory, Papal Infalability, The See of Peter, etc., but rather, that my agreement or disagreement on these matters should be determined by accurate information and not straw men arguments or gross misunderstandings.



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