The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree, The Folk of The Faraway Tree, The Wishing Chair Again and Up The Faraway Tree [ePub]

by Enid Blyton

I recall an older family friend laughing when I was 10 as I told her Enid Blyton would always be my favourite author.I learned so much from her books.If there was ever any reign on my rampant imagination she loosed it with her fantastic books, that enticed you into worlds where anything was possible.I would read her books with my silk pillow out under hydrangea bushes and shrubs to be closer to the worlds she described.I love reading, greatly due to her magnificent imagination.

Forget Harry stupid Potter and all the children's writers wannabes.Enid Blyton was there first, and said it best without resorting to luring children into witchcraft and the seediness of sorcery.She simply said, 'what if?...'

What if you had boots that meant you could leap whole counties in one bound?
What if you had a rocking chair that took you where you wished?
What if trees spoke in a language you didn't understand, whispering amongst themselves the secrets of the forest?
Every child understands 'what if?'For that matter, I still do!



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