When Are You Going to Do as You're Told? [ePub]

by Ray Speakman

"I want to be an honorary member of the lost names club so that I can have adventures, explore lost places and people, shiver, laugh and finally come to know that laughter is a great weapon against bullies, daft adults and the dark!" Tony Turner, actor. "It always makes you want to read on. Everyone in my class finished it in less than two days." "It's funny as well as truthful. Our teacher wanted us to give her back our copies of the story, but we wanted to keep them." "The story asks the reader lots of questions but then sooner or later all those questions answer themselves." A few comments on the novel from a class of ten year olds: Ray Speakman is a writer, editor and teacher. This is his second story about Jimmy McConkey and his friends - and enemies. The first story, How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? has been received enthusiastically by teachers, children and parents - so much so that this second story quickly became and inevitability. He lives in Solihull and Cornwall. Malc Speakman is an illustrator, art historian and teacher. He lives in Cheshire and London.



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