New Testament Deacon [ePub]

by Alexander Strauch

I have read all of Alexander Strauch's books, and this one, which was first published in 1992 is a classic biblical treatment of the New testament deacon.

So succinct is this work that I read it in under 4 days, while on abreak in London, England with family.

The first thing that impresses the attentive reader is Mr Strauch's commitment to 'Sola Scriptura', when he states on pages 8 and 9, "Indeed, the only diaconate worth discovering is the one found on the pages of the inspired New testament. No matter how limited that information may at first appear, God, in His perfect wisdom, has given us all the information we need." And so he proceeds, and cuts straight across any and all denominational or factional interests - a welcome approach, to this reviewer's mind!

By careful and clear exegesis, interpretation and prudent application Mr Strauch presents, defends and underscores his basic thesis, that no local church making a claim to be biblical or New Testament should be without a properly qualified, examined, authenticated and appointed body of male deacons.

His parallel thesis that the diaconate relieve the elder-pastors (or shepherds) of unnecessary and time-consuming tasks, so that they may give themselves to the word and prayer, is, in my view, well made and clearly proven.

All in all, Alexander Strauch brings together a vast array of relevant scripture, commentative authority, lexical support and the often forgotten needed element of good, sound sanctified common sense!

This small volume (191 pages, including footnotes and references etc.) is both an excellent primer and an authoritative reference on the New testament deacon.

Highly recommended. A 5-star read.



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