Unknown Book 6573768 [ePub]

by Unknown Author 769

Take the most potent ingredients from Eastern eroticism, add sumptuous photographs, and mix in a tantalizing blend of ancient and modern wisdom. Wrap it all up in an irresistible gift format. The result? An irresistible pocket-size Kama Sutra that offers a magic potion for the best sex ever!
Four sensuous chapters explain it all. Go “Slow and Soulful,” with the secret recipe for languid lovemaking that lasts for hours and hours: it’s like taking a sensual tour of your partner’s body. For sex driven by speed, urgency, and excitement, choose “Fast and Passionate” positions—including one called “Driving in the Peg.” “Deep and Erotic” presents a menu of intensely penetrative positions, while “Adventurous” lives up to its name for creative, challenging, and fun moves! All the sex-enhancing ideas come from the classic texts—The Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga, and The Perfumed Garden—and provide timeless wisdom that leads to truly intimate sex that helps lovers feel connected both in mind and body.



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