Thirteen Brojobs [ePub]

by Nate Tanner

Trent and Austin are straight guys... but when they're alone together, they can't seem to stop exchanging brojobs —- "It's like a blowjob, except not gay." But as their lives gradually take them in separate directions, Trent and Austin must confront their feelings for each other and make the hardest decision of all...

Warning: Thirteen Brojobs is a 7600-word erotic story intended for ADULTS ONLY due to repeated explicit tight wet velvet private secret panting throbbing pulsing explosive oral sex between best bros.


The first brojob happened like this.

It was around three in the morning when Trent and Austin left the frat party.

Trent was dark-haired and fit, while Austin was blond and more burly. Neither of them were exactly models, but they did all right with the ladies.


Tonight they were sober enough to reason, but too drunk to walk in a straight line. The pair of college juniors put their arms around each other, staggering in step back toward the dorm. Crickets chirped in the spring night.

"Did you get anywhere with Marissa?" Trent asked.

"Yeah man, I got some pretty intense grinding on."

"Oh yeah?" Trent slapped Austin on the back. "Awesome, bro."

"How about you, man?You looked like you were doing okay with Rachel. Shit man, she was practically giving you a lap dance."

"Ha ha, girl knows how to party..."

What they didn't say was that they were equally disappointed.

No matter how they tried to talk up their player skills, right now there were only two facts that mattered —- Austin wasn't getting with Marissa tonight, and Trent wasn't fucking Rachel either.

After they stumbled back to the dorm and upstairs, Trent said that Austin should come over to his room to play Halo and do shots. And so Austin got out of his khakis and polo and changed into red gym shorts and a white wifebeater and a baseball cap and came over to Trent's room. They didn't play Halo, but they did do a shot of Jim Beam apiece while they talked about the girls they'd met at the party and their plans to eventually "close the deal" with their respective targets later in the week.

In other words it was pretty much a usual Saturday night for Trent and Austin. Except that tonight, as Trent reached down into his own black gym shorts to lazily scratch his balls (and found that despite all he'd had to drink he still felt horny), he happened to sigh:

"I just can't believe Rachel blue-balled me again. I thought at least she'd maybe suck me tonight."

"Too bad, bro," said Austin, leaning back in the desk chair and kicking his flip-flopped bare feet on top of some of Trent's homework papers. "Yeah, I was hoping for some head from Marissa too. Looks like it'll have to wait. That girl's cute but she's, you know, a tease."

"I don't know what's wrong with the girls in this school," Trent said.

"I guess they just don't know what it's like when a guy really needs to get sucked," Austin replied without looking at him.


As the two bros' eyes connected, alcoholic cockiness mixed with long-standing friendship... and the testosterone blasting through their veins...



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