Murder In Hawaii [ePub]

by Steve Allen

Steve Allen, hailed by Sidney Sheldon as "the master of the comic who-done-it", returns! This time, Steverino becomes the prime-time target of a ruthless killer when he discovers a diabolical network of mystery and murder on the sun-drenched beaches of Hawaii.It's an offer Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows can't refuse: guest-starring on a hit new detective series, Hawaiian Wave. It means two juicy roles as polo-playing villains, a vacation in Oahu, and acting opposite their friend, Billy Markham. But when they arrive on the island, they learn that Billy has had some terrifying scares, courtesy of a secret stalker — and he needs the droll detective duo's help.

First, someone tampers with the brakes on Billy's car. Then, the body of a Hawaiian Wave executive is found floating off the shores of Hanaumo Bay. And when a second body turns up, it becomes clear that a brilliantly conceived murder plot is being played camera. From the struggling co-star who'd kill for a big break to the stuntman who knows every dangerous trick of the trade, someone is trying to upstage Billy to death, and rewrite Steve and Jayne's Hawaiian escapade into a deadly real-life adventure. Now, the savvy sleuths must discover who's moonlighting as a murderer — before they're both written out of the script for good.



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