The Doctrine of the Word of God [ePub]

by John M. Frame

Final addition to Frame's Lordship series. A seminal book in the area of Scripture. Defends a classically Protestant/Reformed understanding of Scripture with fresh reflections and insights on current developments. From within the reformed traditions, Frame challenges many assumptions and unbalances of some "strict" confessionalists in the reformed tradition. It will be helpful to have already read Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, since Frame lays out his tri-perspectivalism there (normative, situational, & existential/control, authority, & presence) and assumes a good bit of knowledge of it. Frame is self-referential throughout (pun intended).

A wonderful book to plod through slowly. The chapters are short (4-8 pages each), so you can pace yourself and take in Frames points in small chunks. I read the book by reading 1-2 chapters a day and got through it in 45 days.

It's difficult to tell how influential the book with be, but it's hard to imagine it not being one of the most important and comprehensive defenses of a protestant/reformed doctrine of Scripture in print. It's a nice addition to his Doctrine of the Knowledge of God and Doctrine of God and the Lordship project as a whole.



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