Battling Big Box [ePub]

by Henry Dubroff

PTurning any small business into a success is tough. Doing so in a market crowded with Wal-Mart-sized competitors is challenging. Yet America's 26 million small business owners continue to fight. Many thousands lose every year. Why? Because they fail to capitalize on the agility their small size affords them. Small businesses must adapt virtually every day if they are to battle-and beat-the Big Box and chain competition.BRBRWhether the arena is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, retailing, manufacturing, or services, it's a battle of David vs. Goliath on steroids. The mega-sized competition has deep pockets, massive advertising budgets, and suppliers that court them every step of the way, while small companies operate on shoestrings and have to struggle every day just to survive. Yet small businesses that capitalize on their agility, adaptability, customer service, and credibility can definitely win the battle against Big Box.BRBRIn Battling Big Box, authors Henry Dubroff and Susan J. Marks take you inside the minds of successful entrepreneurs as they fend off corporate giants. These small business owners-from the ordinary guy who owns the corner caf



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