The Myth [ePub]

by Keith Jenkins

The scene is set during the harsh winter of ’63, where we meet the two main characters. Young Stan Peacock is a typical boy who likes nothing better than to be climbing trees, catching spiders and beetles and, more importantly, being beside water – any water, from the smallest pond to a flowing stream, and it is this fascination with water that sees him begin a journey, and a passion, that will last a lifetime.

"Many miles away, the fry from many fish are struggling to survive the harshest of winters, and many of them will fail. But of those that are strong enough to survive there is one, a Common carp, which just might grow to become the most sought after of specimens."

The story sees these two lives move inexorably towards a final meeting place, but in the meantime Stan must decide which path his angling should take, and the Common must endure many more challenges if it is to reach its potential.

There are, of course, many other colourful characters to aid or hinder both Stan and the Common on their journey through the years, and the final outcome is still in the balance as their paths eventually cross.

Keith has used his knowledge of fishing, and love of the sport and all its heroes and villains, to tell a tale that will resonate with fishermen everywhere. From those first exhilarating twitches of a red-tipped float, to the camaraderie and friendship that only a sport like angling can provide. Whether you are happy strolling the banks of a rippling stream, trotting a worm beneath those willow fronds, or prefer sitting behind three rods, waiting for the catch of a lifetime, this book will amuse and resonate with you just the same.

A prime fishing novel, one of the first of it's kind to be written. This story introduces many of the characters to Keith's acclaimed book 'The Keeper' (also available on Kindle) and is an essential and enjoyable prequel.



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