Carnal Connections [ePub]

by Berengaria Brown

HABrewer of Everybody Needs a Little Romance Reviews - "Carnal Connections is a short, quick read.It’s about 3 guys who meet at a wedding and decide to have a little fun with each other.There is a little pre-encounter dialogue between the three of them at the wedding but the story centers around the after party in Ithiel’s hotel room.

This story is smokin’ HOT and makes you wonder, “can you really do that?”They are focused on giving each other the ultimate pleasure and exploring the different ways to achieve that goal.

There is not a lot of build up to the climax but they do hint that there could be a future for them.It’s a good story for what you get but I would’ve liked a little more depth to characters or maybe an established relationship between them.I give Carnal Connections 3 Flaming Hearts."

Romance Reader, Seriously Reviewed, —"This is a short piece of erotic fiction. An introduction, a set-up, hot sex and a nice ending. The sex is vividly described, the dialog and pacing is nice. The problem with short stories is that you don’t get to know the characters well and the only thing that makes them distinct is their names. Even with that, Carnal Connections was a titillating sexual tale between three men. A story to pick up and to get turned on."16.5 total score!

Theresa, Reviews at Ebook Addict—"This was a great read. M/m/m is one of my favorite categories and Carnal Connections delivered what I like. It was short but light, funny and erotic...Carnal Connections would be a great short erotic bedtime story and it will send you off to dreamland with a smile."

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