Still Loving Your Long-Distance Relationship [ePub]

by Stephen Blake

"Long distance love" is part of life for millions of couples forced by circumstance to live apart. They're executives climbing the corporate ladder while sweethearts wait hundreds of miles away...students writing lonesome love letters & emails to their "hometown honeys.,." millions of people connecting daily from afar via Internet dating sites . members of our armed forces who protect freedom worldwide...even Hollywood stars, trying to sustain a relationship while making movies in different countries. Millions of couples worldwide are coping with long-distance relationships, and that number is increasing daily. In the Loving Your Long Distance Relationship series Stephen Blake shares the best way to keep love hot, avoid mistakes, and escape temptation. He helps couples "stay together" while they're "apart." Blake explains: What's behind the growing trend in lovers being separated Fascinating stories of people living apart & making it work How to cope with saying goodbye again and again Why frequent letters, e-mail, and gifts work wonders The key to preventing phone arguments The emotional stages of a long-distance relationship How long distance relationships differ for women vs. men Warning signs that your relationship is ending



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