Photosynthesis Bibliography [ePub]

by Zdenek Sesták

The bi b I i ography i nc I udes papers in a I I f i eids of photosynthes i s resea rch - f rom stu dies of model biochemical and biophysical systems of the photosynthesis mechanism to primary production studied by the so-ca I led growth analysis. In addition to papers devoted entirely to photosynthesis, papers on other topics are included if they con tain data on photosynthetic activity, photorespiration, chloroplast structure, chlo rophy I I and ca roteno i d synthes i sand destruct i on, etc., or i f they conta i n va I uab I e methodological information (measurement of selected environmental factors, leaf area, etc. ). In many branches it has been difficult to define the limits of interest for photosynthesis researchers. This problem has arisen e. g. in topics deal ing with the transfer of gases, where - in addition to the papers on carbon dioxide transfer - so me papers on water vapour transfer are included, these being of general appl ication or bringing new approaches. On the other hand, many papers deal ing with the anatomy and physiology of stomata have been omitted, if the aspect of carbon dioxide or water vapour exchange has not been discussed. This volume contains references to papers publ ished in the year 1980, and, similarly to Vol."



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