The Book of Common Sense Writing, Editing, and Small Press Publishing [ePub]

by Chila Woychik

There is more to writing than rules (essential as they are), and the intuition it takes to do a truly good job of reading, writing, and editing can be learned, at least to some degree.

Intuition has been defined as the ability to understand something quickly without having to stop to figure out how it’s done. I like to describe it as a knowing. “I know this book is good though I may not be able to tell you exactly why …” or “These lines should be edited and here's how I suggest it be done (though few others may see it this way) …” This is the missing element in the convention of many novice readers, writers, editors, and a number of seasoned ones as well: a reliance on rules over common sense, reason.

This is a collection of former blog posts - that is, generally unstudied treatises minimally formatted. Blog posts are, well, relaxed essays usually unstructured and sometimes blatantly raw. In other words, this isn’t a formal book on writing.

Herein I talk about line editing and why it's a "forgotten art," the cost of hiring an editor and is it worth it, why an author should strive to write like Ray Bradbury, what writing voice is and how to build it, why small POD presses have to work harder than the rest to be truly successful. I talk about my vision for “crossover” books, books for a wide reading audience, not just the religiously-inclined or those who like hardcore mainstream works - this and much more...



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