The God Who Risks [ePub]

by John Sanders

This wasn't the first book that I read on Open Theism, but it might be the best. It is hard to say after reading Greg Boyd's book God of the Possible. Sometimes reading books on the same topic can lead to quite a bit of overlap and repetition. However, I found this book refreshing and a good addition to the topic. While there certainly were ideas that overlapped, the explanation, examples, and discussion were for the most part new and invigorating. Sanders's study of historical interpretations was especially welcome and helpful. He also tackled a bunch of scriptures to support his view. I found his interaction with opposing views was charitable and for the most part representative. Some may argue that he was overly simplistic, and while I admit I'm biased I think often they tend to make things too complicated. I found his explanations and support for open theism to be a solid framework for understanding God and how He relates to us. His book left me with greater awe and appreciation for God, His love, wisdom, etc, and not less. After understanding Open Theism I'm not sure I could ever go back to the "blueprint" view of God.



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