I, Emma Freke [ePub]

by Elizabeth Atkinson

I really wanted to like this book and I did for the first third of the book. A few things annoyed me like the fact that Emma acknowledges the fact that she's not up on the latest "tweenage" cultural references. No kid I know between the ages of 10 and 12 would call themselves a tween and the cultural references didn't sound authentic to me either.

At one point Emma's mother decides that Emma no longer needs to attend school and when the school finds out they agree to let Emma "home study" with a tutor. The tutor ends up being a librarian, which was a nice touch (a +1 point for the positive portrayal of a librarian) but I don't know any small town librarian who can tutor a student on the job. The most inauthentic thing about the book was how decadent the staff lounge was at the library. I have yet to see a library with leather chairs.

When Emma goes to visit her family in Wisconsin, I found some of the family members to be a bit annoying and they felt stereotypical in some ways. It made me wonder if Elizabeth Atkinson the author had spent any time in Wisconsin or in the midwest.

In the end, I'm glad I read this book just because I was so intrigued by the title and cover and now I no longer have to wonder.



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