Walking the Way Together [ePub]

by Mark Phillips

"For 17 years I strove to be a 'good Christian' and to live 'for Christ' while for the most part experiencing great frustration along with many worries, doubts, and fears. Yes, I knew I was born again and had eternal life as a gift from God and was going to heaven when I died. All those things were sure, but how do I live the Christian life, the abundant life, practically, experientially, day in and day out? Believe me, I tried! I was doing all the right things and not doing all the wrong things. But something was wrong in my experience and I began to pray and 'seek God's face.' God show me the reality of my life in Christ. What's the bottom line here? Who am I?What is my responsibility as a Christian?" — a brother's plea The Way is God's answer. It is the plan and purpose of God for our lives. It is salvation. It is life, abundant life, eternal life. It is the bottom line answers to our deepest questions and needs.



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