Rudyard Kipling [ePub]

by Andrew Lycett

Paragon of English virtues or racist imperialist? Andrew Lycett (acclaimed biographer of Ian Fleming) has returned to primary sources to tell the intricate story of a misunderstood genius who became Britain's most famous and highest earning author. Among the many new sources, Lycett has discovered previously unpublished letters that illuminate Kipling's crucial years in India, his first girlfriend (the model for Mrs Hauksbee of Plain Tales from the Hills), his parents' decision to send him back to England to boarding school; and in his adult life his use of opium, his frustrating times in London and the brief peace he found in America before the devastating loss of both his young daughter and, in the First World War, his son. Lycett also uncovers the extraordinary story of Kipling's great love for Flo Garrard, daughter of the crown jeweller and unravels the complicated yet enthralling saga of the American family, the Balestiers and of Carrie Balestier who became Kipling's wife. This biography is full of new material on Kipling's financial dealings with Lord Beaverbrook, his friendships with T.E.Lawrence, the painter Edward Burne-Jones and the Conservative politician and Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin who was his cousin. Lycett places Kipling in an historical and social context with the skills that lead Selina Hastings in the Sunday Telegraph to write of his Ian Fleming: Superb ...This is an exemplary biography, beautifully written, fast-paced and extremely perceptive.'



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