The Gods Awaken (Tales of the Timuras, #3) [ePub]

by Allan Cole

“When the Gods Awaken” the third and final chapter of the “The Timura Trilogy.” As with the first two books can also be read as a stand-alone.

The world is dying while kings and warlord battle for supermacy. Grand Wizard, Lord Safar Timura is trapped in the doomed world of Hadin yet it isn’t Hadin. He is condemned to suffer and die, over and over again.

At the same time Safar is suffering this torture, his half-demon half-human son, Prince Palimak, believes he is dead and builds a great army out of the refugees of Kyrania, now living on Syrapis. Palimak investigates Asper’s tomb and kills a truly evil creatures. When he looks in the tomb after surviving the battle, he discovers Safar has replaced Asper’s mummy.

There are many enemies, barbarian kings, monsters of the underworld—and, lording over all, the Demon Moon, which looms in silent, bloody challenge. Safar travels to Hadin with Palimak, Leiria, his a warrior lover, friends and allies, and a surprising ally, Iraj. They must destroy the doomspell and confront the sinister Demon Moon. Only then will the gods be awakened and the world saved.

While the trilogy has ended, I can only hope that there is one more book in the series. Oh, have you guessed yet that I will and am reading anything and everything that author Allan Cole writes. Having read his book “Lucky in Cyprus...” I was well prepared for this adventure. If you haven’t read Cole before, do so. You’ll be in for a real treat.



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