iPad & iOS 6 [ePub]

by Chris Kennedy

Perfect for new and experienced users, this no-fluff guide to the iPad, iPad mini, and iOS 6 is packed with tips and details on settings, apps, documents, and iCloud. You'll also find step-by-step instructions for dictating, networking, sharing, troubleshooting, going online, and using Siri.

New apps and features covered include Siri, Maps, Privacy, Shared Photo Streams, Do Not Disturb, Facebook integration, Clock, Guided Access, Safari and Mail improvements, and remodeled stores.

- Covers all iPads and iOS 6.1.
- Master the Home screen and multitouch gestures.
- Secure your data from thieves, snoops, and rogue apps.
- Work with onscreen or wireless keyboards.
- Get instant search results for documents, pictures, music, mail, apps, contacts, and more.
- Ask Siri to find nearby businesses, set alarms, search the web, and more.
- Dictate anywhere that you can type.
- Connect to wireless networks with a couple of taps.
- Set up cellular, Bluetooth, and VPN connections.
- Mirror your iPad's screen to your TV wirelessly via AirPlay.
- Back up your data to iCloud or iTunes.
- Use iCloud to store and access the latest versions of your documents online.
- Sync your documents, mail, contacts, appointments, reminders, notes, and messages wirelessly across your iDevices and Macs.
- See all your notifications in one place.
- Browse the web with Safari.
- Send, receive, and manage your email with Mail.
- Chat with family and friends with Messages or FaceTime.
- Post to Twitter or Facebook right from the app you're using.
- Manage your day-to-day life with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, and Clock.
- Find your way with Maps.
- Download and install apps and updates from the App Store.
- Read books, textbooks, magazines, and newspapers with iBooks and Newsstand.
- Play games on Game Center, Apple's online multiplayer social gaming network.
- Play music, movies, TV shows, and other media downloaded from the iTunes Store.
- Capture, edit, and share photos and videos with Camera, Photos, and Photo Booth.
- Care for your iPad and troubleshoot problems.
- Plenty of tips, tricks, and timesavers.
- Fully cross-referenced, linked, and searchable.

1. Getting Started with Your iPad
2. Touring Your iPad
3. Securing Your iPad
4. Typing, Editing & Searching
5. Dictation & Siri
6. Wireless & Network Connections
7. iCloud, iTunes & Files
8. Getting Notifications
9. Browsing the Web
10. Email, Messaging & Video Calls
11. Organizing Your Life
12. Shopping in the App Store
13. Reading Books, Newspapers & Magazines
14. Playing Games
15. Downloading and Playing Music & Videos
16. Shooting, Viewing & Managing Photos
17. iPad Care & Troubleshooting

About the Author
Chris Kennedy is a technical writer based in Boulder, Colorado. When he's not typing, Chris climbs rocks, revises his screenplays, and reads the journals of polar explorers.



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