Du gyvenimai [ePub]

by Konkordiya Antarova

Konkordiya Antarova was one of a few writers of the 19th-20th century in Russia who actually wrote about spirituality, religion and the occult. Spiritual literature of any kind was not allowed back in the times of the Soviet Union, so her works have been known to survive by rewriting and sharing amongst the underground intellectual societies of Russia, passed down from hand to hand. They have not been released in many languages afterwords.

The creations of Kora Antarova are spiritually inspiring, sentimental and often of unusual thinking for the times, permeated with oriental magic and mystery. A lot of yogic circles and societies share the texts or the excerpts to read online as well.

K. Antarova did not have an easy life. At age 11 she lost her father, and at the age of 14 she became a total orphan. After graduating the school despite the hardship she decided to study in the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. Afterwards she lived a life of performing as an opera singer.

K. Antarova had been preparing to live as a nun at a certain point of her lived and was preparing to commit to being one. However, after a few years she understood it was not for her and so became an artist instead.



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