Dangerous Magic [ePub]

by Samantha Hunter

There’s more than sex between them. . .

Convinced she's a stalker magnet, Gwen Mitchell is taking a break from work and from men, trying to find a little “Gwen time” and figure out what's next in her life. When she meets sexy reporter Nathan Stark, on assignment to interview witches in Salem, Ma, life gets a lot more interesting. She’s fiercely attracted to Nathan, but she’s not sure she can trust him.

Nathan is caught off-guard when one of the women he meets while conducting interviews happens to resemble a woman who keeps turning up dead in his nightmares. Unfortunately, his dreams have a history of becoming reality. To protect her, he'll have to face the past he's tried to leave behind him.

It doesn't take long before they both fall prey to the powerful sexual attraction that they can't seem to fully control, and that might be the biggest danger of all.



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