Surrender To Me (Obsession, #1) [ePub]

by Laura Bailey

My captor. My enemy. My everything.

My captor is a mystery. He keeps me here. He tells me to leave while I can..

A man as menacing as he is seductive, a man whose touch scorches me, a man whose moments of devotion are more heartbreaking than his callousness.

From the moment his eyes held mine I had no choice but to surrender to everything he was; his dark desires, his passion, his strength.

A powerful obsession and forbidden needs consume us both. Bound to his dark sexuality, we embark on a battle of wills. He pushes me to the edge.

He seeks release in me, momentary escape from the pain and loneliness that fills him. He carries the scars of the haunting legacy of dark secrets.

His desires are undeniable, our obsession inevitable, but he doesn't trust me.

We can’t be together.



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