Last Gasp - Four Cozy Thrillers [ePub]

by Lyndon Perry

I've read a lot of Lyndon Perry's work, and I must say that "Last Gasps" is particularly good. This e-book contains three "cozy thrillers." A cozy thriller downplays violence and puts its plot and characters into a smaller, more intimate setting. This is achieved to great effect in these three stories. Perry is very good at making an impression in a minimal number of words/pages, and this skill is on display here. Without giving away too much in the way of spoliers, the three stories in this volume include:

1. "Audition with a Vampire": A movie director can't believe his latest auditions.

2. "Show, Don't Tell": A writer struggles with a new genre...and her muse.

3. "Captain Tyler's Ghost": A local legend takes on a new meaning for a hotel owner.

I had the privilege of reading the first two stories when they were still in development, and the finished product is excellent in both cases. The latter story was new to me, but it may have been the best of the three. "Last Gasps" is proof that great stories can come in small packages.



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