Mindful Weightloss [ePub]


The Final Book on achieving Permanent Weightloss
Many people want to attain a healthy weight, but few are successful in achieving this goal. They try endless diets and are fed up with gaining weight as soon as the diet has finished. Diets, no matter how good, fail to address self-destructive issues that are the root of the problem. Compulsive eating is all a matter of the mind.

This is a book about weightloss that does not contain any recipes. Instead, it offers a challenging inward journey that transforms your relationship with food on a permanent basis. Rather than simply losing pounds, it helps to achieve a healthy weight with lasting results. The author, Joanna Kortink, is a well-known Dutch nutritionist, who approaches weight-loss and compulsive eating from within. She knows eating problems inside out because she personally struggled with overeating for many years.

Mindful weightloss is an easy to use 8-week program based on “Breaking the spell of emotional eating”. It contains several real-life examples and offers clear, step-by-step guidelines, based on the proven clinical benefits of mindfulness. Audio tracks contain helpful exercises. The book offers a powerful solution to breaking out of your love-hate relationship with food forever!

The method as described in Mindful Weightloss is tried and tested and has guided countless people towards a healthy weight and an overall feeling of well-being. The target group on Joanna’s work:

"After many years, I have finally managed to develop a healthy relationship with food, without willpower." (John)

"I lost over 20 pounds and my weight has been stable for years." (Margret)

The press on Joanna’s work:

"Mindful eating is the new diet" (Faithful)

"Inspiring!" (Health)

"Break out of the vicious circle" (Psychology Magazine)

Scientific researchers on ‘Mindful weight loss’: "It doesn’t promote a diet, but offers an approach to achieving permanent lifestyle changes, based on Mindfulness!" (Dr. G. Noordenbos, eating and weight management expert (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)

"An extremely valuable resource!" Professor I. Wolffers (health care)



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