Bible Study Notes vol. 6 [ePub]

by Anita S. Dole

This six-volume set contains a multi-year course of study with a uniquely Swedenborgian view of the Bible.
Originally written for Sunday school teachers, the course is divided into five age groups: primary (ages 6–8), junior (ages 9–11), intermediate (ages 12–14), senior (ages 15–17) and adult. The lessons from each Bible story are geared toward the life experience and level of understanding of that particular age group, and Dole gives practical advice in each lesson for helping children—and adults!—relate to the Bible. Each lesson contains an overview of the points to be discussed, notes for parents and teachers, text with discussion questions for each age group, related readings from Swedenborg, and questions that review and test students’ understanding.

Volume 6 includes stories from the Gospel of John and discusses the spiritual meaning behind some of the well-known imagery from the Book of Revelation, including the four horsemen, the seventh seal, and especially the Holy City.



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