Dream Interpretation Made Easy [ePub]

by Kevin J. Todeschi

Now everyone can find out the meanings of their dreams! Whether you've worked with dreams all your life, or have never remembered a dream before, this book offers readers a simple approach to understanding dreams and interpreting their symbols. It contains dozens of real-life dreams and a description of how they were interpreted using such tools as themes, emotions, current life events, and symbolism. It also includes a comprehensive symbol dictionary to help you interpret hundreds of common symbols and dream images. Building upon the use of dreams, author Kevin Todeschi also explores Conscious Dreamplay—the ability to have a "waking dream" and obtain valid intuitive information on virtually any question imaginable. His step-by-step process will enable you to work with friends or alone and discover how the subconscious mind and the imagination work together as a foundation for personal guidance and intuition.



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