Passing the Plate [ePub]

by Christian Smith

My first interlibrary loan!And I am glad I did not purchase the book.I am not used to reading books with so many statistics, so it was hard to wade through at points.However, I learned a lot through the reading of this book.If all people who claim to attend church at least twice a month or that their faith is extremely important to them tithed there would be $120 billion annually.Holy cow - I can't even begin to fathom that number or imagine how much good could be done with the money.Also, that this same group of Christians, rather than tithing 10% give on average 0.62% of their income.That is pathetic.The book gave some ideas of how to increase giving, but after reading the book I look at it as an issue of a) Americans needing to be more fiscally responsible b) redefining priorities away from luxury items and towards helping others and c) moving people towards a closer relationship with Christ.

I highly recommend this book, even if you just read the conclusion.



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