Silver (The Dragon of Unison Series Book 6) [ePub]

by M.J. Porter

‘A time will come when the mountains will move and the ground will tremor, when the heavens will fall upon our land and beasts with wings will erupt from the mountains and call us friends.’
‘A time will come when one person will be given the power of our land, the power to heal and grow and melt and make new.’
‘A time will come when day will always be night, and night always day and the black clouds of the past will obscure those of the future and all will be bereft, and lonely and hungry.’
‘A time will come when a great booming will fill the air and in its passing, all will be changed and the land will be ripped asunder and will bleed.’
‘A time will come when this will not be our home.’
‘A time will come when everything will be as it should be.’
‘A time will come when life will be death, and death will be life, and the blackness of flames will mar the land



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