When Light Hits the Path [ePub]

by Kristen Otte

We experience joy and pain. We have good and bad days. Smiling through the bad days is tough. I haven't figured that out yet. But, I believe God is with us through all of it. This is my story of discovering God's presence in my life during the joy and pain of life. Through the stories of the funeral of my brother-in-law, the adventure of building 20 houses in a week, finding love and several other transformational moments, I learned that life is good. And there is a God that loves me always. Endorsements: When Light Hits the Path is excellent, not just in its content but also in the manner in which Kristen delivers powerful messages smoothly and succinctly. You may find this unbelievable, but Kristen's story has prompted me to explore more deeply my own life's purpose and has given me courage to consider paths that I perhaps would have ignored. Dawson Hancock, Department Chair of Educational Leadership, UNC Charlotte Great read, powerful stories of how God built Kristen to be the woman of God she has become! When I finished it I gave it to my 12 yr. old daughter to read, told her a little about Kristen and Brian and that it was great example of the things she could do and become in her own journey the next 10 or so years! Mostly told her it is a great practical example of how God journeys with us always! Jason Hockran - Associate Pastor of Andover UMC, Andover, Ohio



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