Qualities Of A Leader [ePub]

by Benjamin Chapin

Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

Discover the power that an effective leader has when they utilize all the tools in their tool set. This book is a bundle of three amazing books that are going to equip you to be the best leader possible. Everyone can be a leader that wants to be, it's a skill you develop not something people are just born with. Develop your skills as a leader by picking up a copy of this book now.

Book 1: The Power Of Habit
The habits we have shape our reality on a daily basis. Whether they are good or bad depends on YOU and what you chose to do with your habits. This book is not a series of case studies and medical study, instead has been designed to help you make real progress and changes with your daily habits. I have made some huge changes in my own life and now I am sharing the knowledge I have gained through the experience. My desire is you enjoy the book and are able to get some real positive changes into your habits.

Book 2: Failing Upwards
"When I think of failure, I like to think of it as a hurdle on a race track. It is up ahead of myself (the runner) and I need to calculate when to change my direction upwards. Is my hurdle (failure) the end of the road? No, it's just an obstacle in the way I need to overcome in order to cross the finish line. That explains what this book is about in a nut shell." ~ Benjamin A. Chapin

I have failed so many times at so many different things. My life is a chunk of failures, but guess what? Those failures lead to my successes also. I have experienced the downright worst of times and also have had some success. On our way to success, we have to understand that failure is a part of our progress and should be embraced, not avoided.

Instead of having fear, we need to embrace failure firmly, look for the signs and learn every time we face it. Failure is not a burden and offers incredible value if we know how to approach it. This book was written to help people embrace that concept. At the end of this book, you will have a firm understanding of failure and how to use it to your benefit.

Book 3: Start With Why
Leaders and bosses are two very different kinds of management styles. Leaders can make a statement about a task needing done and people will jump to volunteer while a boss will beg and plead their co-workers to get something accomplished. Leadership skills can be taught and acquired, they are not just something you have or you don't.

When you have excellent leadership in place at your company, profits are going to go up. Customers will be taken care of and clients will be signing contracts left and right. The reason for this is because of the trickle down affect. The excellent leadership causes the employees to be happy and content which in turn reaches the customers.



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