Gareth's Gambit (Songs of the Mages, #2) [ePub]

by Jean Hart Stewart

Gareth's Gambit Jean Hart Stewart It is 1919. Gareth Townsend, Viscount Hunter, admits two women and a child to his manor house, even though he senses they bring trouble. His mage's power demands he help others with his magical skills. Even as Morgana scorns his abilities, Gareth tries to help her sister find her malicious husband Frank. But Gareth's gifts plus those of his twin sister cannot turn Amy from her self-destructive path. Morgana is left to care for Amy's child, whom she adores, and tries to protect her from her father. When Frank turns his lecherous eyes on Morgana, Gareth must stop him with any means possible, including all his magic. In addition, he suspects Frank might turn out to be the spy Gareth has been seeking. His country, his beautiful Morgana and the child are all dependent on his skill as a descendant of Merlin.



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