Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy [ePub]

by Keith Boswell

The pace of digital change today challenges every business. New channels, new business methods, new hardware and software are changing your customers, your supply chains, your manufacturing and your workforce. How can you keep up? Where should you focus?

It starts with the people driving your business today – your customers and employees. Where it gets tricky is keeping up with them. They expect seamless messaging and servicing wherever they are, across a multitude of devices.

You need to be as seamless as the other companies your customers compare you to, whether they are consciously making the comparison or not. Companies like Apple, Uber, Amazon,, and more companies are transforming their relationships with their customers through their use of data, extreme customer service and collaboration.

A Forrester Research study from February 2013 showed why organizations are struggling to adjust in a digital world. The study identified three pillars for any organization that is trying to adapt to an always-addressable customer.

Strategy, governance and operations should provide a foundation, feeding and nurturing each other. Yet Forrester's research suggests that nearly all companies are focusing exclusively on operations...or simply flipping switches.

It's human nature to want easy solutions. Turning on digital channels satisfies a primitive instinct that sees a tool or new object as the solution to everything. From our experience, it's not.

This e-book is written to help you 1) get a grasp on everything that’s swirling around you and your customer, 2) set a clear path and focus, and 3) generate ideas from within your organization to stay connected and guide the future of your business.

And just so you know early on, this single is not an exhaustive guide to each of the many and varied digital marketing channels available to you. Future singles will cover specific digital marketing channels and recommendations in greater detail. In this single, the channels are explained in context of digital marketing organizations and their needs.

The key principles we’ll cover include:
• Think Big, Build Small
• Extreme Service
• Guiding Your Organization and Partners
• Picking a Marketing Model
• Writing A Plan



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